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Build a Business you love

if your not building your business online you could be left behind!

I teach home inspectors how to get more business from the internet. I teach them how to build a website and how to do their own SEO and how to create leads on Facebook and Google. I also help home inspectors build a business that’s easy!

My Framework B.A.S.I.C

Build a Business that works for you!

Building a business does not have to be hard. If you do all these things in your business below with ambition you will have a successful business.


This is one of those things that is going to set your business apart and be remembered. It is also easy to do with the internet!


Branding is so important. Why do you think all the big companies focus so much on it! You wan't everyone in your area to recognize your company brand.


If you don't have this in your business your not going to last long. You might get by for a while but it will not be successful.


This is one of those things that you need to be a small business owner. This can be the difference between thriving or just surviving in business. Let's get motivated!


The more your business grows, this will get more and more important. I love how it saves me time and also saves me money.


A great business will build systems for every part of their business. It is also such a stress reliever for a small business owner. You want to be successful you need these!


This is such an opportunity in our industry. If you get into it now and do it correctly your business will benefit for years to come.


Everything in business and in life is gravitating towards the internet in some way. A lot of inspection businesses have not taken advantage, will you?


Without these your business is not going to last long. Your goal should be to get as many as you can so you can grow your business.


It is not easy to constantly be acquiring new clients. They key is to keep the relationships with the ones you have. Build Fans and they will promote you!

Internet Marketing

if your business is not getting customers online your leaving money on the table!

Business is now done on the internet, potential customers are looking for their inspector online. It’s a great way to acquire clients.

Internet Marketing at its BEST

You want to focus on all these things to build a successful business on the internet. You would be surprised how much business you can get from the internet. Customers are all going online to look for their home inspector, if they were a referral they are still going to check out what your business looks like online so you need to be the best in your area.

Social Media

There are so many ways to leverage Social Media to bring you business. It is also a great way to get your name and brand out to the public in your area! This can be done organically and paid.


This is one of those things that when you invest in it you reap the rewards for years to come. There is a great opportunity now online before your competition beats you to it!


Do you want business now? Pay per click is a great way to get the phone ringing. It has to be done correctly to make sure that you are actually converting potential customers.


It's really important to look at your entire online presence and come up with a game plan. You need a good strategy to acquire more customers and build a brand successfully.

Web Design

If your website is not to today's standards your potential customers are going to just go to the next inspector. Building a website has gotten a lot easier than it used to be!

Content Marketing

It is important in marketing how you write your copy. It is also so important for the SEO of your website. People have so many options you want to attract them to work with you!

I can teach you how to do all these things correctly! The benefit of doing it yourself is that you will learn what it takes, learn a new skill and will not need to rely on a company with a lot of bad promises. A lot of this can be easy let me teach you how! If you don’t want to do it let me teach someone at your company or in your family to do it for you!

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